Loyalty Program !!!  

with our loyalty program, you will be able to access your Loyalty card right from the palm of your hand! 

Go ahead and enroll NOW, it only takes a minute or two: https://loyalty.is/as2rlz

Once you are enrolled, save your loyalty card to your phone's wallet, Just show us your barcode to be scanned and receive your digital stamp! Once you receive 8 digital stamps, you get a free class! you are responsible for getting your stamps. we will not issue stamps for previous classes. 

If you need additional instructions on how to set up your loyalty account, visit this link and click either the apple phone, or android phone for further instructions: https://blog.loopyloyalty.com/how-to-add-a-loyalty-card-to-your-phone-7f9a1b545bf1

You wanna be VIP STATUS! Here's How:

Have you noticed that more often than not, our classes seem to be pretty full? Well to avoid being stuck on the wrong side of the door, preregistration or any 1 of our 3 xpert passes guarantees you a spot in class! you will not receive a stamp per class with the unlimited pass. instead you will just receive 2 free classes that are redeemable 7 days after your unlimited pass expires. 1-day passes can only be used for the day they are purchased for. 5 day passes expire 30 days after purchase. 

unfortunately, we can not let you pay for a guest at the door that is not physically present. Once classes reach capacity, we will not allow any participants to pay at the door. We do this so that the classroom is a comfortable environment. preregistration ends the night before class at midnight. So, are you gonna be Vip?